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Lex puts her Bachelors in Art Education to work with CAMP CREATE! Where else can you find a camp hosted by an international artist who works one on one with your child? These 6-week camps will open your child’s mind and expand their cultural awareness and creativity.

  • Days: Tuesday – Thursday
  • Hours: 9A – 12P
  • Ages: 6-12
  • Register for 1 week or all 6!

**Camp Create is over for the 2020, but look for our next camp lineup coming soon!**

Here's what we did for the Summer 2020 Camp Create!

Week 1 // June 23-25: Music to My Eyes

Our kickoff week will integrate the visual arts with the joy of music. Expect to see musician portraits, art created from musical inspiration, and some serious dance parties thrown into the mix!

Week 2 // June 30-July 2: Movies Come Alive

In Week 2, we’ll be learning the basics of illustration and the artistry that goes into some of our favorite movies. We’ll even be embodying some of our favorite movie characters!

Week 3 // July 7-9: ScEYEnce

We will fully embrace the visual stimulation and cool effects of science! It’s amazing what everyday household materials like salt, food coloring, bubbles, water, oil, vinegar, baking soda, and the like can do!

Week 4 // July 14-16: Game Dayz

Behind every good board game are outstanding artists that help bring the game to life, allow it to stand out on shelves at the store, and make it visually appealing. This week we will be immersed in fun and games, and we’ll even create a game of our own!

Week 5 // July 21-23: Calming Crafts

There’s a reason art is recognized as a form of therapy. This week we will explore a handful of mediums, techniques, and crafts that relax and soothe the soul while allowing the flow of creativity to enable us to find our flow state and our zen.

Week 6 // July 28-30: Coming Full Circle 

To finalize our 6-week program we will be learning about the beauty, artistry, and symmetry of mandalas. This week we will explore and create a variety of mandala designs. Our last day will consist of a collaborative effort between all of the children to create one large beautiful flower mandala. This memorable and enriching activity will end our 2020 program by fully embodying the value of teamwork and creativity.

Safety Measures

How are we keeping your kiddos safe/healthy?
  • Classes are limited to 10 children per week to enable proper social distancing.
  • Each child will have their temperature taken at check-in prior to entering the gallery each morning. Any child with a temperature will not be allowed to participate.
  • Gallery will be cleaned, and all materials are one-time use to ensure that campers are using completely sterile and safe items throughout the day.
  • Each child will get their own art caddy to contain their own personal supplies during camp. Items used by children will be cleaned and sanitized after each use – there will not be equipment or materials passed to different children without sanitation.
  • No outside food or beverage will be allowed. Water will available for each camper.