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Do Your Lips Get Tired?

Don’t your lips get tired??? Probably one of the number top questions I receive every time someone sees and understands my art.

The answer is, YES! They do get sore after one too many kisses. And while I’ve certainly built up quite the pucker stamina, I often ask myself why I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to this unconventional, “quirky” path for art. I mean, it’s not like I ever intended to be a lipstick/kiss artist in high school or college. In fact, if someone would have told me this would be my path, my reaction would be similar to a very loud awkward “yea right” chuckle.

I guess what it comes down to is grit. The grit to do something that challenges you enough to see the beauty on the other side. What I do is DIFFERENT, and I love providing visual art that most people have never seen before. I love that my work is literally made with love, and that there is a physical process and devotion to each piece. This niche creates a “WOW” factor with anyone that realizes that each piece is made with KISSES and LIPSTICK!


For a long time I struggled with the knowing that there were people out there that think my art is “weird, quirky, strange” etc. But caring less about what people think, along with the undeniable BELIEF in what I can achieve with this crazy cool method/medium, is what’s helped me embrace my talent and just how freaking cool that makes my art and the significance behind it.

So do my lips get sore? Yes they do, but there isn’t a success story out there that didn’t come with some hard ass work whether it be mentally or physically. Just give me some damn good lip balm and a dream, and I’m ready to dominate.


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