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Happy Birthday, Amy Winehouse

Today, we’re celebrating one of the greatest female artists, Amy Winehouse. One of the most incredible things about art, and art of all kinds, is how it transcends beyond the creator; it lives on even after the artist has passed.

While her talent is too often overshadowed by her downfall, we all know the cat-eyed singer with that rocking beehive had a voice that could shake the walls!! Today and always, I choose to celebrate Amy’s stunning voice, vintage soul, and beautiful mind.

And here’s a fun fact: this portrait was the first piece created in collaboration with my husband, Josh, who has such a conceptual mind and dreams up some of the wildest ideas!

After being presented with the challenge to create an iconic “Club 27” member which had never come into fruition, Josh came up with the idea of doing an entire series of legends via “Club 27” — many of which allegedly ended their lives due to substance abuse or suicide… Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison to name a few. These young souls — despite how wickedly talented and gifted they were, unfortunately, lacked a level of self-love and self-worth, feeling a need for escape…


When Josh presented the idea to create on sculptures built into the form of the number 27, I wasn’t sure how it would work at first, however, I couldn’t shake how appropriate it felt to create these young legends with love; with compassion, with kisses.

Amy was the first piece created in this series, a tribute not only to those young icons–whose culture-shifting gifts we are fortunate enough to still be able to access through their art–but also to all who have been led to their own premature demise. Both Josh and I have experienced the loss of a loved one taking their own life. With this series, we hope to spread awareness, spark a conversation, and maybe even save a life.

You are more than your demons–you are loved, cherished, and completely irreplaceable–never EVER forget that!!

If you or someone you know is struggling, there are resources to help → Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Hotline 800.662.4357

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