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My 20 Year Old Self Would Be So Proud of Me

In order to be who you are, you must be willing to let go of who you think you are”-Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul.

This quote helps to remind me of the incredible journey I have been on becoming a lipstick artist and creating my brand, Lipstick Lex. It reminds me that I have had quite the ride in the artist world, dabbling in many different avenues of creativity before I arrived into who I have become and who I am evolving into.

When I was in my 20s, I was painting landscapes, going to school for interior design, and hoping to become successful in the world of making interior spaces beautiful and flowing (I still love to create in this way of course!). But it wasn’t until I was inspired to create using many different mediums to see where the Universe was going to show me who I was going to become as an artist.

I was creating portraits of dogs using dog food, beer taps using beer, wine glasses using wine. You name it, and I was creating with it! It was fun, different, and beautifully inspired but nothing spoke to me more than my Marylin Monroe portrait did. I have her to thank for shifting me into the direction of creating with lipstick after all!

When I wanted to create something out of the ordinary that Marylin was known for, I decided to try it with lipstick and kiss prints, something she was iconically known for! Her plump luscious red lips! This is how the first ever Lipstick Lex piece was designed. It was from there that my art started to take on a new form of inspiration.

I wanted to start creating more with this incredible medium. Because it was similar to paint, the lipstick trend started to take precedent. This allowed for a wide arrange of colors for me to play with, and enabled me to create something entirely colorful, bright, and different.

Therefore, after 5 years of working and creating my art with lipstick and finding my niche, I have developed my brand and have been internationally recognized for my out-of-the-ordinary technique! With that being said, if someone would have told me when I was in my 20s that I would be on TV for creating art with lipstick, it would have given me quite the chuckle! But here I am, and I know my 20 year old self would be ever so proud of me for taking a risk, doing what I love, and sharing it with the world. 

What would YOUR 20-year old self be proud of today?

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