Hey there!

Alexis Fraser here, (a.k.a., Lipstick Lex). I am that lipstick artist you've hopefully heard so much about.

My biz and I are currently residing in Sarasota, Florida maintaining a sunshine state of mind in both my art and personal life. What can I say, I'm a gal that despises grey skies and a grey attitude.

My kiss print is my signature and it's found on every piece I create. All of my art is made with love - literally! I believe love, beauty and feelings of merriment are all infectious, thus I'm passing it along through my work.   



Numerous times I am asked the same question: How did you ever come to think of using lipstick and kiss prints?
My answer is this: I began my art career in my early - mid 20's as a traditional oil painter specializing in portraiture realism. There was a point in time that I painted with "normal" supplies utilizing a "normal" painting technique. That all changed in 2012 when I was challenged to create a larger than life portrait of Marilyn Monroe utilizing a non-traditional approach, which also needed to correlate with the bombshell and sex symbol of the classic Hollywood period. After loads of brainstorming, the idea of creating with lipstick and kiss prints was unleashed! 

Since then, I’ve painted a wide spectrum of portraits utilizing only lipstick and my kiss prints to create famous icons which people love, adore and feel reminiscent towards.

My work over the past few years has slowly developed and progressed in style, subject matter and finishing touches. Currently I’m creating content that makes me feel happy. It’s reflective of an environment that I always yearned for and now live in today - I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and lived the past 6 years in Toronto, Ontario. Needless to say, I have thick skin when it comes to the bone chilling temps, however, a warm climate was forever calling my name and I for as long as I can remember I would dream to live somewhere tropical.

Fast forward 33 years and I’m finally living in shorts weather all year around! I’m totally in love with the costal lifestyle and I think it's obvious through my work.

I'm excited to be on this artreprenurial journey and look forward to exposing the world to my brand and my unique art!

Standing out in a sea of artists can be a challenge. Luckily for me, being a lipstick artist is a rarity - I mean, when was the last time you came across fine art created with lipstick? Well now you have and what a conversational piece your newly owned Lipstick Lex original will be!