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Alexis Fraser, aka Lipstick Lex, began her journey as a traditional painter, proficient at acrylic and oil portraiture. However, in such a saturated art space, she felt the impulse to reach for something unconventional in order to make her mark. That mark was discovered in 2013 when she looked at her kiss print on a cocktail napkin and thought, “I could make art with this!” She created her first lipstick painting that year; a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. With a tremendous reaction from all who came across it, the seed was planted, and she took off with an arsenal of lipstick and the intention to adorn her works with layers of her physical kisses to add another layer of visual interest. Her work quickly gained national and global attention via global exhibitions, daytime TV segments, celebrity endorsements, and ​​various other media outlets.

Over the course of her full-time art career, Lex has come to find her authentic voice in painting vibrant figurative and floral art. Her pieces also often include positive vibe catchphrases and quotes, giving her art a contemporary and playful edge. While Lex has parted ways with laboriously creating her works from a multitude of her physical kisses - in the name of love, lipstick still remains her primary medium of expression and her kiss print prevails as her signature and the root of her bold and blossoming brand. 

To schedule a consultation for an event, live performance, installation, or collaboration, please contact Lex at 941.704.8551.