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It all started with a tube of lipstick, a kiss on the canvas, and the desire to be different in order to stand out in a saturated art industry.

Alexis Fraser aka Lipstick Lex began her journey as an unconventional fine artist utilizing a full color palette of lipstick as her primary medium. She has since created thousands of works which have been nationally and internationally accredited via exhibitions, television and media outlets, and celebrity endorsements. It was her laborious efforts to additionally adorn her works with her physical kiss prints, all in the name of LOVE that granted her this widely recognized attention. 

Over the course of her fully engaged art career, Alexis has found a voice of happiness, love, affection, beauty, and bold colors through her work. What once started as a monochromatic color palette of your typical shades of lipstick, has blossomed into a fully vibrant spectrum that is seen not  just in her original artwork, but now through the new expansion into a lifestyle brand that brings on all feel-good vibes!

Inspired by her life on Florida’s gulf coast and her thirst for more love and happiness in the world, her collections continue to grow more sunny by the day while keeping her signature kiss print at the forefront through her art.

To schedule a consultation for an event, live performance, installation, or collaboration, please contact Lex at 941.704.8551 or email.