About Lex

Hey there!

Alexis Fraser here, (a.k.a., Lipstick Lex). I am that lipstick artist you've hopefully heard so much about.

My biz and I are currently residing in Sarasota, Florida maintaining a sunshine state of mind in both my art and personal life. What can I say, I'm a gal that despises grey skies and a grey attitude.
My kiss print is my signature and it is found on just about every product I create. My artist mission is to create with love to spread the love and bring you hangable and wearable art that lifts your mood and your spirit. Nice eh?


Why lipstick? 

A woman who leaves the house with a bit of lipstick is more likely to hold her head a little higher, look more radiant and feel more confident in her skin. Lipstick is where glam and bold collide - just like my art!
While creating art with a non-traditional medium like lipstick, certainly stands out in a sea of art, it is also a medium that symbolically relates to the emotions I hope to evoke through my art. 

Why kisses? 

The kiss print can symbolize so many things. To me it's symbolic of love, happiness, beauty, glamour, adoration, nostalgia, and those feel-good, warm-fuzzy feelings we all can't get enough of. My subject matter revolves around these vibes and while I'm already differentiating my art with lipstick, why not kiss my images while I'm at it!  

Wether you're purchasing a pair of Lipstick Lex shoes or an original Lipstick Lex work of art, you will be left with a bold product that radiates artistry on a positive note, not to mention a killer conversation piece for that blank wall you've been staring at for far too long!

At the end of the day, life's too short to live without kisses. So start your Lipstick Lex collection today to spread the love!