About Lex


The "master of new medium", Alexis Fraser, is otherwise known in the art world as Lipstick Lex. At 34 years of age, Lex is building an art brand that is conversational, and completely unconventional. With the message of love, merriment, beauty, and positivity being the forefront of her brand, Lex is creating content that projects total optimism.

While oils and portraiture were once Lex's primary focus and passion, she often would dabble in nontraditional methods just for the fun of it, which soon led her to a challenge back in 2012 to create a portrait of Marilyn Monroe utilizing an unconventional medium that would correlate with the Hollywood icon. Thus the seed for lipstick art was planted. 

Today, Lex is running the rapidly growing and buzz worthy art business, Lipstick Lex out of her Sarasota Florida studio while traveling the world to showcase her work for exhibitions, beauty campaigns, charity events and signing creative partnerships with a variety of notable companies. 

Lipstick Lex is a force to be reckoned with while bringing a revolutionary form of creativity to the art world!