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Q: Does lipstick ever dry? How do you protect your work?

A: Lipstick performs like an oil based pigment (very similar to oil paints), however it does not have the same drying capabilities, which is why there are 3 ways your art can and will be protected. 

    • All artwork is sprayed with an art grade UV protectant + non-yellowing lacquer.
    • Upon request, artwork may be additionally sealed with a high-gloss epoxy resin. This will add thickness, weight and reflective glass-like shine to your artwork. 
    • Upon request and for an upcharge, your artwork can be mounted in a UV-protected, museum-quality acrylic (on all sides) shadow box frame.

    Q: Do you work with specific brands or types of lipstick? 

    A: Lex does not currently have any exclusivity to any lipstick brands. She has worked with a handful of cosmetic companies and is open to all brands and types of lipstick. 

    Q: Do you take custom orders? 

    A: YES! Please see custom orders to learn more. 

    Q: Do you sell prints/reproductions? 

    A: We now are selling paper and canvas prints upon request! If there is a specific print of an existing piece or size you would like. Please email: to place your request. 

    Q: Do you ship worldwide? 

    A: Yes! Please see our shipping page to learn more. 

    Q: Does Lex still put her kisses in her artwork? 

    A: While Lex no longer builds a piece from start to finish with her kisses (due to it’s extremely laborious nature) she will do so upon request and at a premium rate. 

    With lipstick as her primary medium, she will draw, smudge, blend and paint with her hands and brushes. However, she is still known to sprinkle in a few kisses and hide them like Easter eggs! Oh, and every piece is now sealed and signed with a kiss!