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Portraits The 27 Club


James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix is still globally ranked today as one of the greatest instrumentalists of all time! While his career lasted only 4 short years, the nostalgic vibes we are transcended into and the inspiration he has provided for millions will be forever timeless.

This remarkable portrait of Jimi is truly one-of-a-kind as it is kissed onto a sculptural number 27 – the ripe young age of his early departure. This piece projects 4″ out from the wall and serves as a bold, contemporary statement for your space. It is colorful, vibrant, and full of kisses as an adoring tribute to Jimi and his legacy.

To acquire this piece or for any questions, please contact Josh at josh[at]

The 27 Club

Inspired by phenomenon of the great legends that took their lives to substance abuse and suicide at the budding age of only 27, Lex has collaborated closely with her husband, Josh to create this impactful sculptural collection. Despite the astonishing talent that each of these artists possessed, there was a lack of self-love and self worth which ultimately brought each of these individuals to their early demise.

It only made sense to Lex and Josh to create these idolized faces with kisses of love, remembrance, and empathy and place the artwork on a surface that takes the form of the number 27.

It serves as a reminder to hold on another day, to treat your soul and body with love and respect, and to gift yourself more time to be great at life!

To name a few, this collection is in memory of you:
Amy Winehouse
Janice Joplin
Jimmy Hendrix
Jim Morrison
Kurt Cobain
Brian Jones

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Jimi Hendrix by Lipstick Lex Jimi Hendrix by Lipstick Lex Jimi Hendrix by Lipstick Lex Jimi Hendrix by Lipstick Lex

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