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Questions That Block Our Success

When will it happen? How will it happen? Who will it happen with? Who will help me? Can I actually do this? Can I actually make this outrageously amazing thing happen for myself? Will all of this be for nothing?

I ask myself questions like these almost daily and quickly have to remind the naysayer side of my brain to just shut the fuck up!

While these questions we ask ourselves (especially if you’re the one who’s constantly trying to reach new heights and better yourself) all come from a place of good intention for our futures, we need to be careful of our questions and how we phrase our sentences so they’re not coming from a place of fear, doubt, lack – all of which ultimately slows you down and gets you to nowhere land!

Instead of asking ourselves these fear-based questions, you’ll move mountains a hell of a lot quicker instead by making power statements such as:

  • This is happening!
  • The right people, companies and perfect circumstances are manifesting for me now and they’re on their way!
  • I am a multi millionaire with enough money to spare and to share!
  • I am the best at what I do and people are thrilled to pay me for my expertise!
  • Life is happening for me in the best possible scenario and I am grateful.

Say these statements/affirmations with undoubted belief over and over again until they feel true!

When I do this, amazing things begin to happen, everything aligns, and the timeline of life all begins to make sense.

Love and Strength to you all!