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Lipstick Lex Gallery, Sarasota FL

Welcome to My Gallery

The Lipstick Lex Gallery is a space that I have been manifesting for the better part of my adult life. Now at the age of 35, this dream space has become a reality. I am proud to have this urban/contemporary space to create my art, properly showcase and sell my work, host a variety of events, and more!

I am a lipstick artist. This means that LIPSTICK is my primary medium. I paint with the lipstick, I draw with the lipstick, I utilize stencils with the lipstick and most interestingly, I KISS with the lipstick! My work embodies everything I believe in; love, self-love, personal empowerment, beauty, fun, and positive vibes all around.

My mission through this new space is to take the high-brow notion out of the words “art gallery” and create an inviting space for both locals and visitors to enjoy to the fullest. One can come in during the weekday hours to sit and relax over a cup of coffee or afternoon glass of wine to watch me work or chat it up with the friendly folks in the gallery, or they can hang on the weekend nights when the gallery truly comes alive! We will host local entertainers, food and beverage tastings, speakers, pop-up markets, lipstick art workshops and more – all while being surrounded by unique and vibrant art.

The Rosemary District here in downtown Sarasota is beautifully transforming into the new hotspot in town, and I’m thrilled to be affiliated with it while offering this community a fresh splash of color that folks have never yet seen before!

My gallery will be open to the public on March 14, 2020. I look forward to greeting you all at my new home away from home!

With Love, Lex

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