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What Does Beauty Mean to You?

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick ass red lipstick!” -Gweneth Paltrow

Yes and yes, Gweneth Paltrow!

Funny enough, when I began my lipstick art journey back in 2012, I was someone that NEVER wore or embraced lipstick.  It was something I would adoringly watch other women confidently apply, while in my head, I convinced myself that I wasn’t a “lipstick person.” It was quite ironic actually that I was confident enough to make fine art with an unconventional medium like lipstick yet never had the chops to wear it in the traditional sense.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, when on my self-love quest, that I saw a shift in my self-worth and confidence! All of a sudden I WANTED to wear the lipsticks that I was making art with. So I went with it, and realized that lipstick was kind of like my war paint!  When I would wear it, I felt I held my head higher, had a greater presence in a room, and of course felt pretty damn beautiful. In addition to the beauty and pop lipstick can bring to your attitude and confidence, it can definitely make an outfit feel and look that much more fabulous as well.

So I ask you – when was the last time you wore lipstick, and how does it make you feel? What is a fun color you have always been afraid to try? OR, are you an anti-lipstick gal but hold buckets of confidence within you anyway?

Confidence is the ultimate form of beauty, and I’d love to know how you tap into yours!!!

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