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Who Lifts You Higher?

“Surround yourself with only  people who will lift you higher.” -Oprah Winfrey

One of the best lessons I’ve learned in my 35 years of life is to release the people in my life that do not serve me. By “serve me” that simply means people that will enhance and enrich my life through their personality and their actions.

There are people that will drain you, that are small minded, that aspire to very little to nothing, that are pessimistic, that will want to hold you back, that will laugh or scoff at your dreams. Recognize who these people are, and understand that they are toxic people to be around. Work on taking small actions towards eradicating them from your life. You can make gentle moves by setting healthy boundaries, creating a healthy distance, or by creating an energy around you that does not allow them to dismantle your positive energy force.

If you want to up-level your life, whether it be career wise, getting healthy, building healthy relationships, exploring your spirituality, or simply living your day-to-day with purpose, you will find these changes much more fluid when you surround yourself with the type of people you want to become.

They say you are as successful as the five closest people you surround yourself with, so be PICKY, be conscious of who you allow into your life. I assure you it will only get easier and easier to decipher who those people are, then more magic will happen. The Universe will only continue to bring you more people to help you up-level to the place you dream to be!

While it all starts with inner work from YOU, it certainly helps to carry on in your new and improved life when you have a tribe of good people leading by example, supporting you, and cheering you on!