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Lipstick Lex

Who is Lipstick Lex?

Sarasota, Florida artist, Alexis Fraser, is otherwise known in the art and design industry as ‘Lipstick Lex.’  

Lex is an alternative visual artist utilizing a complete color palette of lipstick as her primary medium and adorning her works with her personal kisses. Her unconventional approach is what allows Lex’s work to stand tall as totally and completely unique and is literally made with love! 

The kiss print is her symbol as it promotes love, self-love, beauty, personal empowerment, joy, and affection.
Her vibrant brand is rapidly growing beyond just the visual arts as she approaches the design space with her wearable bespoke art fashion pieces and (coming soon) interior decor.

Lex is an international artist who works on both private and corporate projects. Her work has been showcased nationally and abroad where she has landed various exhibitions, collaborations, campaign work, live performances, public speaking engagements, gala events, TV segments, celebrity endorsements, collectors, and more.

Meet Our Team

Alexis Fraser

Alexis Fraser


Alexis is Lipstick Lex!

Her journey unraveled slowly, and it took years to discover her calling, find confidence in her work, and then flip the entrepreneurial switch on in order to advance in her full-time career as an artist!

It was imperative to Lex to do what she loved for a living. The thought of doing anything else truly left her feeling paralyzed – therefore, she HAD to make it work!

With an incredibly supportive family, circle of friends, and a husband who all saw her potential even when Lex couldn’t see it herself, the constant encouragement allowed Lex to unveil her limiting beliefs, discover her own personal empowerment, and press on. Alexis experimented with copious artistic methods and mediums to differentiate herself as an artist. It was the discovery of utilizing lipstick and her kisses in 2012 that felt oh-so-right.

Today, Alexis and her team are building an art empire that is rapidly expanding. With visual art that is completely revolutionary and LITERALLY made with love, the word is spreading quickly, and Alexis is seeing the fruits of her labor becoming juicer than ever.

Josh Fraser

Josh Fraser


Josh was born in Toronto, and moved to the Chicago area with his family when he was 14 years old. It was in high school where Josh and Alexis first met. At 16 they were inseparable and are now proud high school sweethearts 20 years later!

In 2017 they made the move to Sarasota Florida and took the leap of faith to officially build Lipstick Lex.

As the cofounder, Alexis’ life companion, constant support system, motivational ass-kicker and co-leader of the pack, he is also an artist in his own right as he aids in creative ideas and solutions while proactively ensuring they come into fruition.

Kristi Finigan

Kristi Finigan


Kristi has spent the past two decades managing public relations and communications in the hospitality, sports, and entertainment industries. She has an extensive event management background rooted in culinary, performing, and visual arts. She is excited to be a part of the team and consistently find ways to integrate Lex’s creativity into a multitude of unique platforms.

Sue Colao

Sue Colao


Sue is the founder and lead designer of Purple Fish Creative, a full service web and graphic design firm in Sarasota. Over the years her company has been credited for creating compelling designs for a wide variety of regional and national clients.

She has been a longtime fan and supporter of Alexis, and as a creative herself, Sue has been thrilled to see the evolution and explosion of Lipstick Lex, her brand, her art, and her message of love and positivity!

Sue is excited to be on board as the team web and graphic designer, and can’t wait to see what’s down the road for Lipstick Lex!