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It all started with the desire to differentiate...

Alexis Fraser, also known as Lipstick Lex, began her artistic journey as a skilled traditional painter specializing in acrylic and oil portraiture. However, seeking an unconventional path in the competitive art world, she stumbled upon the power of her kiss print in 2013. Swapping her oils for lipsticks and adding her physical kisses to her artwork – all in the name of love, brought a new level of visual interest and garnered significant attention.

Throughout her career and creative evolution, she’s discovered her authentic voice in vibrant figurative and floral art, often complemented by upbeat catchphrases and quotes that exude positivity. With lipstick as her primary medium and her signature kiss print at the core of her brand, Lex has built a bold and thriving identity that reflects her passion for the craft. Her unconventional approach and distinctive style captivate audiences, while her creative services and charitable work further demonstrate her commitment to making a positive impact through art.

Interested in a custom painting for your home, business, or commercial space? Contact Lex with your project idea!