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It all started with the desire to differentiate...

Alexis Fraser, also known as Lipstick Lex, embarked on her artistic journey as a traditional painter specializing in acrylics and oils. In 2013, she embraced an unconventional path, discovering the captivating allure of incorporating her kiss print into her artwork, using lipsticks as her medium. This unique technique garnered significant attention and acclaim.

While lipstick art remains her signature, Lex finds joy and ease working with the mediums she originally grew familiar with, including oils and acrylics. Recently, she has even expanded into mural work and installations, catering to and delighting her commercial clients.

Lex’s artistic voice resonates through vibrant figurative and floral art, often embellished with uplifting catchphrases and quotes radiating positivity. Her distinctive style, with the kiss print at its core, captivates audiences, drawing them into a world of color and emotion.

In addition to her original paintings, mural and installation work, Lex also provides live art performances and hosts art workshops, enriching others with her ultra creative expertise and a fun and memorable experience. Her dedication to making a positive impact through her craft is reflected in her charitable initiatives and her brand is a statement of her unwavering passion for art, inspiring admirers worldwide.

Interested in a custom painting for your home, business, or commercial space? Contact Lex with your project idea!