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Who is Lipstick Lex?

It all started with a tube of lipstick, a kiss on the canvas and the desire to be different in order to stand out in a saturated art industry.

Alexis Fraser aka Lipstick Lex began her journey as an unconventional lipstick artist back in 2012. She has since created thousands of works which have been presented across the globe, credited by multiple television and media outlets, and  purchased and endorsed by a sprinkling of celebrities. It was her laborious efforts to physically adorn her works with hundreds and sometimes thousands of kisses all in the name of LOVE that granted her this widely recognized attention.

Over the course of her fully engaged art career, Alexis has found a voice of happiness, love, affection, beauty, and bold colors through her work. What once started as a monochromatic color palette of your typical shades of lipstick, has blossomed into a fully vibrant spectrum that is seen not  just in her artworks, but through the expansion of her personally designed home decor and apparel collection.

Inspired by her life on Florida’s gulf coast and her thirst for more love and happiness in the world, her collections continue to grow more sunny by the day.

While the kiss print will always remain her iconic symbol and still adorn the majority of what she creates, Alexis is fulfilling her passions as a creator far beyond only art for the walls. She is now bringing together the fusion of art, decor, and apparel – all encompassing the joyful and feel-good vibes that set the tone for her bright, bold, and beachy lifestyle brand.