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What is Lipstick Lex Art?

American artist Alexis Fraser (a.k.a., Lipstick Lex) is one of a small handful of artists around the world that brings art to life by kissing the canvas. Using exclusively lipstick, Alexis’ art is a meditation on passion, compassion, nostalgia, respect, idolization, self-love and healing. 
An Internet session, Alexis Fraser’s work has received tens of thousands of clicks online for its innovation and intent. Spreading love is in Lex’s blood, and her art brings this birthright to life. Lex’s work has been featured on countless beauty, fashion and design blogs, and has been the subject of several viral videos. Critics are calling Alexis the next Andy Warhol.



life’s too short to live without kisses

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The Word on the Street

  • "If you’re looking for some sexy art, this artist has some artwork to show you. Known as “Lipstick Lex,” Toronto-based Alexis Fraser creates beautiful portraits on canvases just by kissing them in all the right places."

    Jason Interesting-Facts.com
  • "Lipstick Lex has followed the example, mastering the medium and developing her own unique technique she calls “kiss print pointillism” so beautifully that her art stands on its own."

    M. Dee Dubroff Blasting News
  • "Lipstick Lex puts a kiss of genius on her work, and the results will blow you away!"

    K.C. Morgan RealClear
  • "...if you’re looking for a gift for someone you love, I can’t think of a better option than a work of art covered in kisses."

    Gary The Luxury Spot
  • "A Toronto-based artist creates incredibly detailed portraits by kissing the canvas; giving the phrase “makeup artist” a whole new meaning."

    Kicker Daily News
  • "We are thoroughly impressed by your innovation and technique, Alexis. Kisses from us to you!"

    Wendy Rose Gould InSyle Magazine
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