Grand Rapids, MI

Amway's annual Founder's Council Event featured a Lipstick Lex live art experience, with the innovative use of Amway's Artistry line of health and beauty products as her medium.

The Project

Amway, an innovator in the health and beauty industry, hosted the highly esteemed Amway Founder’s Council event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, bringing together more than 150 distinguished guests from around the world. The event centered around the theme of “Social Connectedness” and featured a diverse range of vendors and interactive stations, enriching the attendees’ experience and fostering engagement.

Amway’s global attendees were privileged to witness Lex’s extraordinary artistic talent as she skillfully crafted a captivating artwork.

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The live performance captivated the audience, showcasing the seamless fusion of art and Amway’s expansive portfolio of products. With the goal of connectivity in mind, Lex found a unique way to symbolize the harmonious synergy between art and business.

The piece that was created serves as a powerful testament to Amway’s dedication to fostering creativity, inspiring their global partners, and exemplifying the potential that can be realized through collaboration.




Grand Rapids, MI


June 2023

Size & Project Medium

4’x6′ / Mixed media application of Amway’s health and beauty products + their Artistry line of cosmetics

Project Purpose

Theme of “Social Connectedness” featuring a diverse range of vendors and interactive stations

Press / Media

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