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From the shock of hitting 1M views to the surreal journey to 7M, the milestone joy was undeniable and felt great. Yet, amidst the excitement, there are definitely some vital takeaways I thought were worth mentioning—this one is for my fellow creators.

Followers ≠ Business

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that followers do not automatically translate into business. Despite the impressive boost in my follower count, this surge did not convert into business opportunities as I had always assumed it would. Building genuine connections is crucial; it requires more than a single post going viral. Authentic engagement and consistent interaction are essential for turning followers into clients or collaborators.

Momentum Myth

The momentum myth is a common misconception among creators. Viral success doesn’t guarantee future prominence in the Instagram game. While a viral post can give you a temporary boost, consistency and quality are the real growth drivers. Maintaining a steady flow of high-quality content is what sustains long-term success and keeps your audience engaged.

Unassuming Triumph

One of the most surprising takeaways from my viral experience is that even average posts can go viral! I still can’t figure out why this particular video, out of all the content I’ve posted over the past 10 years, was the one to triumph. I’m definitely not complaining, just puzzled! The bottom line is, never underestimate the potential of your creations. Sometimes, it’s the unassuming posts that capture the audience’s imagination.

Kindness Prevails

Another pleasant surprise was the kindness of the comments. Viral doesn’t always equal trolls! I was so pleased to see a slew of supportive and friendly comments. The beauty of human connection prevails!! This positive interaction reaffirmed my belief in the power of community and kindness in the digital space.

Authenticity Matters

Through the highs and lows, staying true to your passion and craft on Instagram is what fosters meaningful connections with your audience. My friends, family, fans, and collectors can all see and feel this. While I do what I do for ME, what I put out there is for YOU. It’s really only compelling and meaningful when what we put out is authentic. Authenticity resonates with people and builds a loyal and engaged community.

Embracing More Meaningful Moments Ahead

Here’s to embracing more meaningful moments ahead! The journey of going viral has been both exhilarating and enlightening. I’ve learned that genuine connections, consistent quality, and authenticity are the keys to lasting success. So, to all my fellow creators out there, keep creating, stay true to yourself, and cherish the supportive community around you. Let’s continue to make magic together!