North Port, FL

Wellen Park's "Heartfelt Connections" mural serves as a tribute to Wellen Park's Tree Conservation and Relocation Program.

The Project

The Wellen Park mural incorporates kisses as a significant element, symbolizing love, beauty, and reverence for the historical and magnificent trees. Beyond representing Lex’s interpretation of the preservation program, the artwork also invites residents and visitors to engage with it, take photos, and establish genuine connections.

In addition to the commissioned mural, Wellen Park also hired Lex to tackle their ladies room. The mural, constructed with painted lip prints and raised sculptural kisses, spans across all sides of the bathroom, resembling a rock climbing wall.

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This design serves as a metaphor, encouraging individuals to embrace the challenges and adventures in their pursuits, reminding them to enjoy the journey regardless of the endeavor. It serves as a playful and empowering installation that resonates with visitors, inspiring them to approach life with positivity and enthusiasm.


Wellen Park


North Port, FL


September 2020

Size & Project Medium

Mural and bathroom wall sculptures / lipstick, paint, sculpture

Project Purpose

Welcome center art installation to represent love, beauty, and reverence for the historical and magnificent trees