Hong Kong

Harbour City, a renowned shopping destination in Hong Kong, hosted an exceptional event called "Sun Kissed Summer - Lipstick Art Exhibition."

The Project

This exciting exhibition featured various in-house cosmetic companies and showcased the remarkable talent of the renowned American lipstick artist, Lipstick Lex. It was an honor for Harbour City to present Lex’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, where she created a captivating mural depicting the scenic Victoria Harbour Sunset.

During this weekend-long show, Lex displayed 22 stunning pieces of artwork, captivating the attention of both locals and visitors. The exhibition went beyond traditional displays by incorporating live demonstrations and lipstick art workshops, allowing attendees to witness the artist’s techniques up close and even participate in the creative process.

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To make a lasting impact on the community, Lex engaged in interviews and participated in photoshoots, further spreading the word about the exhibition and her unique artistic approach. Harbour City’s “Sun Kissed Summer – Lipstick Art Exhibition” was a celebration of creativity and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended and showcasing the diverse talents within the in-house cosmetic companies.


Harbour City


Hong Kong


June 2018

Size & Project Medium

6’x10′ / Lipstick

Project Purpose

Art exhibition, demonstrations, workshops

Press / Media

Click: Sun-Kissed Summer @Harbour City