Los Angeles & New York

IT Cosmetics, a global cosmetics company, collaborated with Lex to create a memorable and unique campaign for the launch of their new line of lipsticks, 'Pillow Lips.'

The Project

In an exciting move, Lex hosted a lipstick art party in New York City for the IT Cosmetics team, allowing them to engage in the creative process and foster collaboration. This immersive workshop strengthened team bonds while aligning with the brand’s core values.

Taking the campaign to the next level, IT Cosmetics also organized an art party in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, specifically for their influential figures. By involving influencers in this creative experience, IT Cosmetics aimed to generate excitement and buzz around the launch of ‘Pillow Lips.’

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The ultra-creative campaign launch not only highlighted IT Cosmetics’ innovative approach but also provided a platform for both the team and influencers to unleash their creativity. This engaging experience left a lasting impression and successfully built anticipation for the introduction of ‘Pillow Lips.’ The event’s fun, creative, and memorable nature ensured that it stood out and created a buzz within the beauty industry.


IT Cosmetics


Los Angeles & New York City


June 2019

Size & Project Medium

Workshops using IT Cosmetics ‘Pillow Lips’ Lipstick

Project Purpose

Create a unique and memorable launch campaign for new lipstick line