Los Angeles, CA

Sephora, a well-known cosmetic company, devised an inventive strategy to attract a crowd to their Universal City Walk store location in Los Angeles, California.

The Project

Sephora invited lipstick artist, Lipstick Lex, to create a live art performance utilizing 100% of the Sephora Collection lipstick brand as well as other in house lipstick brands. This unique experience provided the attendees with an opportunity to witness the artist’s skill in transforming everyday cosmetics into a work of art.

The live demonstration captivated the audience, showcasing the innovative and versatile nature of the Sephora Collection lipstick brand, and the endless possibilities that can be achieved through creativity and artistry. This event was not only an engaging and memorable experience for the attendees, but it also provided an opportunity for Sephora to showcase their product range in a creative and innovative way.

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The artwork created during the event is now housed in Sephora’s headquarters, serving as a testament to the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through collaboration, creativity, and innovation. This activation successfully elevated Sephora’s brand image, showcasing their commitment to fostering creativity and inspiring their customers.




Los Angeles, CA


November 2019

Size & Project Medium

36″x48″ / Sephora Collection Lipstick

Project Purpose

In-store live art performance, and custom, finished piece for display in Sephora headquarters